seventy | emily

I’ve talked a lot about J and I on this little bloggity-blog.
But I also wanted to spend a little time thinking about the people sharing our special day with us.
I feel dorky using that phrase – “special day”.
But hey, it is special. 🙂
I’ve loved scrolling through old pictures and being reminded of memories of each one of these beautiful ladies.
Here’s the first.

{We’ve even been to Asia together!}
Where to even begin.
I didn’t even know you two years ago.
But the next thing ya know you, me and Lauren are packing up your stuff and moving you from the dorm to my room at the Roanoke house.
And I’m so thankful that the Lord so graciously gave me you.
Your kindness.
Your sincerity.
Your funniness.
Your honesty.
And simply,
your friendship.
One of the sweetest gifts the Lord has given.
It’s one of those, “I can’t imagine my life without you” kinda things.
Because I really can’t.
When I think of this verse,
“Iron sharpens iron,
as one man sharpens another.”
{Proverbs 27:17} 
I am always reminded of you.
And how our friendship is more than hanging out and having fun.
Which it is.
But so much more.
You sharpen me, sweet friend.
And I’m so excited to be sharing this crazy time with you!
And for you to say,
“Bone of my bone,
flesh of my flesh!”
on June 22.
In only the way that you can say it kind of way.
I love you bunches roomie.

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