just two random things i like.

…that aren’t Josh Morris.
Or Dr. Pepper icees.
Although I do like those two quite a bit.
park time.

{It was bright and I didn’t realize my shoes were in the pic – please forgive the ridiculousness of the stereotype of this picture.
I can see Heather Weeks’ eyes rolling right now… ;)}
bus time.
Either peacefully quiet.
Or filled with hilarity of college students.
And sometimes it’s even the perfect time for a small nap.
It’s a busy week around here.
But this weekend I had lots of time for simple rest and enjoyment.
Especially with this beautiful weather.
Spring – my favorite season. 
Mostly because it’s such a joyous transition to summer.
Park with J on Friday.
Park naps (the best kind!) with Em Saturday.
Church and lunch with Amber.
Then walks and front lawn reading with Em.
So much to be thankful for!


3 thoughts on “just two random things i like.

  1. Sometimes nice, quiet weekends are exactly what we need! Adorable blog, dear 🙂 Such a fun energy and it's always a joy to find bloggers dedicated to sharing Christ and their heart for Him!


  2. What is it about falling asleep outside? I love that. The sun just lulls you into a perfect slumber. I wasn't even mad about your shoe being in the picture haha


  3. haha, the stereotype–oh girl i love it! toms are the bomb 😉

    parks, naps, spring, beautiful weather, it's all so great! glad you were able to relax this weekend 🙂 sometimes we all need a chance to catch our breath!

    grace & love,


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