this week + groundhog day.

Oh this crazy, crazy week.
Monday through Wednesday – go, go, go.
Thursday through Sunday – catch up, catch up, catch up.
And get ahead if possible.
This seems to be the redundant pattern of my life lately.
One line from a book I’ve been reading says, “Life is more like the film Groundhog Day than anyone wants to admit.”
So true.

So how do we savor the redundancy?


I don’t know.

But a start is to not see it as redundancy.

These “things” filling my life aren’t bad things.
But they can easily become “god” things when my mind is constantly on them.
When I’m only thinking, “What’s next, what’s next, what’s next?”
And not thinking of the why behind the task.
Going to school, planning lesson, turning in reflection journals, talks with roommates, time with Josh, free time all have the potential to honor God.
So how am I doing that?
How are you doing that?

“So, whether you eat of drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.”
{1 Corinthians 10:31}


2 thoughts on “this week + groundhog day.

  1. this. is SO true. life can definitely feel like a pattern, day in and day out. sometimes i get so stressed out over everything i have to do, it's all i focus on. i lose sight of how God wants me to view my daily activities because i get wrapped up in getting it all done myself. i stop seeing things as a blessing and more of a burden.

    i'm trying to get better about slowing down and taking some time to just talk to God about it all. it's helping! slowly but surely 🙂

    ps. you have beautiful handwriting dear!

    grace & love,


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