eighty one | counsel us.

We had our very first pre-marital counseling session today.
Which by the was is just CRAZYNESS.
And should not be confused with marriage counseling.
Cause you’ll get funny looks when you’re engaged and say you’re going to marriage counseling.
Trust me.
During the first few months of engagement {way back in June and July} Josh and I talked about marriage preparation and how helpful pre-marital counseling has been for couples we know and just advice from those older than us.
It was one of those, “We are not going to neglect this.” type of things.
Josh quickly found a professor from his school that was willing to meet with us and we’d work out the details closer to the wedding.
Sweet – no stress! It was already set up.
Check that off the list.
I like lists.
Long story short, this man holds many responsibilities and was already under unique stresses this year.  He informed J that he could not dedicate the time it would take to do the job well.
Since J and I don’t really know a lot of “older” couples in our church I was anxious for about a week.
Exhausting resources.
Finally, I was just spilling this stress to Becca one day and hoping she’d think of someone we knew and she goes, “What about Jay and Nicki?”
And my brain went, “Der.”
This sweet, funny, loving family that invites college kids over every once in a while to hang out with their two daughters and feed us home-cooked meals.
And it just so happened that I was going to their house for one of these get-togethers that week.
I talked with J and he was pumped.
But I was still a little hesitant because he had never met them.
I asked if pre-marital counseling was something they would want to do.
And their answer made my heart scream with joy.
She replied that it’s something that they’ve always wanted to do but have never done.
They prayed.
We prayed.
The four of us met over dinner.
We prayed, talked.
Then today met for our first session.
The Lord provides.
He truly does.

5 thoughts on “eighty one | counsel us.

  1. I think it's amazing that you guys are both so willing to do pre-marital counseling. Most young people think it's unnecessary and weird, but I think it would be so helpful!


  2. i love that you are doing pre-marital counseling! so important and helpful 🙂 you're about to take the biggest step, and it's good to step back and reflect on everything before it happens! sets you up to be an amazing couple 🙂 xo


  3. “And my brain went, “Der.””
    hahahha that was funny!

    But I like lists too!
    but that is so awesome! The Lord always does provide! I'm so happy for you two!!

    I am not married, nor am I engaged, but I've definitely heard of pre marital counseling helping married couples too and I really want to do it if I get engaged!


  4. That's so wonderful, dear. My hubby and I didn't do traditional pre-marital counseling. We met with an older couple from our church and just talked. Through our conversations, we really learned so much about what a healthy, Godly marriage looks like. I'm hoping you'll learn the same. 🙂


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