easter weekend.

sunrise service at maplewood.
a vaught tradition.
it’s such an overwhelming reminder of God’s love – the faithful sunrise and his son’s willing sacrifice for our sins.

mom’s fried chicken.
all while thinking – God made taste!
How cool is that?

a beautiful flute concert by my little cousin.

Usually just another passing “holiday” full of wonderful family traditions that I’ve come to treasure.
But this year for whatever reason Easter was weightier and more meaningful than ever before.

The thought of Friday’s anguish.
The complete disgust of sin and separation from our Creator.
The ultimate sacrifice for the world’s sins for reconciliation of our relationship with him.
And the joy of Sunday’s celebration.
That Christ is not dead.
He’s alive!

Hallelujah, Christ arose.


2 thoughts on “easter weekend.

  1. what a sweet post 🙂 i love the photo of the crosses in the morning sun! i'm sure your mom's chicken is amazing, i miss home-cooked meals. hope you're having a wonderful Tuesday, dear!

    grace & love,


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