march’s best.

February – the month that dragged on.
March – whoosh…gone!
Here are a few favorites from this speedy little month.

We got our engagement pics from Becca.
And had many laughs about the outtakes
And awwed over the sweet ones.
And gawked at how handsome that boy is.
Or was that just me?

Spring Break this year meant addressing invitation envelopes,
spending quality time with this little lady,
and H & T, 
enjoying time with Mom & Dad,
and an amazing wedding shower with the best friends and family.

Practicum classes started.
And I almost have sixty kids’ names memorized.
Need more brain capacity.
“Spring Holiday” this four day weekend.
This means home with the fam for probably the last time before May.
Yesterday dad and I worked on these little guys.
Tomorrow’s agenda:
-hike with dad
-reception centerpieces with mom
-park time with this book
As June 22 gets closer and closer I get more and more excited.
Typical right? 
My train of thought now looks like this:
April – Just push through this last semester. Do your best and spend as much time with roommates and friends as possible.
May – J moves into our future apartment. So that practically takes the whole month right? 
linking up today with Ashley.

5 thoughts on “march’s best.

  1. Every time I see your engagements I can't believe how adorable they are. honestly.

    Also, you're getting married in like two months! How exciting!! Enjoy it all you can, wedding planning and your wedding day are stressful but seriously so fun. Drink it in!


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