eighty five | diy day two.

Since last summer, I’ve had my eyes on these little planter boxes from Save-On-Crafts.
They were the perfect size for decoration and relatively inexpensive…or so I thought.
Luckily, Target was selling almost the same size planter boxes for $3 each.
Only difference besides price was that the Target ones were unfinished and plain.
A little stain, a little hammerdy-hammer, and bada-bing-bada-boom.
A less expensive planter box.
Perfect for some wildflowers.

We bought seven boxes.
Six labels removed like a piece of cake.
This little booger would not come off.
Whose brilliant idea was it to put sticky labels on wood anyways?
I fought a good battle with this one through a whole episode of Glee.
Then gave up.
Then dad said, “Why don’t you try sandpaper?”
Mom’s got a good eye for arranging flowers.
I on the other hand, 
do not.
I will hold the wire cutters and snip when she says, “Cut here.”

3 thoughts on “eighty five | diy day two.

  1. hahah your dad is brilliant…I love how dad's always think of things that we would never think of!
    and moms…well, they always have that special artistic touch that we don't!
    have a great weekend and a great Easter!


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