eighty six | diy attempt.

inspiration found here.
Creativity is not my thing.
The tutorial for these tin can lanterns make it look easy-peasy.
But I don’t have time to freeze twenty cans.
And I tried hammering with nothing in it.
I have a pretty smart pop.
He just goes, “You need a piece of wood or somethin in there.”
So firewood found.
Clamped in vice.
Thanks pop.
Dads are good at creative.
Now someone pin this so we can be millionaires.
I’m only good at copying others’ creativity.
A few tips:
Blue permanent marker shows through spray paint.
This stuff smells super good.
And makes your hands all softy.
But it will not remove spray paint.
Which is a bummer when you hand the Sonic dude your money with your ghastly painted hands.


2 thoughts on “eighty six | diy attempt.

  1. haha aww! looks like your successes made up for the failures 🙂 your poor hands! hope it comes off soon. the lanterns are sooo cute. i think diy weddings are the best–they make you cherish the day more because you actually put your heart and soul into it.

    grace & love,


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