eighty nine | surprises.

When it comes to surprises,
this boy takes the cake.
From the very beginning he had it goin on.
First, he showed up at my house, two hours away, just to talk to my parents, and ask them to date this scrawny little girl. 😉
Then broke into my room on that very first Valentine’s to leave me a plethora of mixed CD’s, chocolate-caramel kisses, and a journal that he kept during our friendship.
I even kept the picture.
Because it was just so dang sweet.

Random flowers.

Random trips to buy a book I’ve been eyeing.
This coffee mug you’ve been wanting.
We’re going to get your nose pierced like you’ve been talking about.
Not to mention that one time he completely shocked me by proposing a good five months before expected.
At the airport.
On the other hand.
Surprises are just not my thing.
Mostly because I’ve rarely really tried. 
And when I do I always want to spill the beans before it’s time.
But this time.
Oh, this time!
I’ve got a really good one.
{Or at least I feel like it is…}
And even though surprises are a lot harder to pull off when that boy is working.
This time i’m not spilling it.


2 thoughts on “eighty nine | surprises.

  1. That is so sweet! What a catch! And good luck on your surprise, I am just like you – can never pull them off. I get way too excited about them haha I hope it works out!


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