ninety-seven | wedding showers.

When they picked the word “shower”,
 they sure chose well.
Because that’s exactly what it feels like.
A huge pouring of love, kindness, thoughtfulness, generosity, and sweetness.
It’s overwhelming really.
But in a good way.
A, “these people are here for me?” kinda way.

This church family I’ve grown up in is something special.
One that shouldn’t be taken for granted.
Full of women that share their love and wisdom with the young brides.
I can’t tell you the number of women that sat around that room, introducing themselves, and saying, “Oh, I’ve known Rachel since she was itty bity.”
And those are some of the sweetest words.

Four out of five bridesmaids + Hannah {honorary flower girl.}
I just love these girls.
 A lot.
It meant more than the world to me that they were there.

That’s my Aunt Sherlyn {mom’s sister}.
She gave a sweet and challenging talk about marriage and mountain climbing.

{And check out all those amazing ladies sitting back there.}

Pretty momma.

Mom, her sister and her daughter {and her daughter}.
And my gorgeous sister {matron of honor.}

Heather {and mom!} planned and decorated the most beautiful wedding shower a girl could dream of.
Absolutely perfect.


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