i’m really just avoiding spring break homework.

Today I’ve been playing around with the “pages” on the ole’ bloggity blog.
I had been wanting to update my slightly generic “about” section.
But didn’t really want to.
Because it’s stinking hard to write about yourself.
But I did it.
As best as I could anyways.
Here she is.
Miss America.
Just me.
P.S. If you “follow” or read regularly – shoot me an email.
We can talk about dumb decisions like taking the suggestions that google offers you for when the email you want is already taken…
But seriously.
I’d love nothing more than to hear from you! 🙂


well hello there.

i’m rachel.
and i believe writing about yourself is usually awkward.
but here goes.
cause everyone loves awkward.

these things i love…
jesus christ, the savior of my unrighteous and undeserving soul
dr. pepper icees
sweet things
my {incredible} family
josh morris {and his incredible family}
woop. high five for incredible fams.
and also pretending to be crafty and a good cook
but that part is just embarrassing.

this little blog {eesh. the word blog drives me nutso.} is simply the journal {err…ramblings?} of my life with five sweet, wonderful, beautiful roommates, all the homework of a third year early education student, and of course, becoming mrs. morris.


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