hiddin talent.

Growing up I had a really great knack for dialing the phone and hitting redial with lightening-ninja speed when I heard the first millisecond of the busy tone.
I won concert tickets.
12 CD’s {ya know…compact disks…}
And once the local grocery store was giving away an electric scooter. 
It was a really pretty shade of blue and I wanted it so feeding the horses in the morning would be easier {clearly…I was destined to be a farm girl….}. Dad would let me stand there and fill out dozens of entry forms while he shopped. 
I think he secretly wanted me to win.
I didn’t.
It had to have been rigged.
I was dedicated.
And after that I pretty much gave up on free things.
But then…

Several months ago I got a sweet comment from Harley & Jane. They told me about a little giveaway they were doing over on their bloggity-blog.
I hate that word – “blog”.
 Usually, I don’t fall for that trick. 
But they were giving away something handmade.
And just so dang cute.
So I had to.
I mean, they asked, right?
So I entered. 
I followed, friended, and commented my way up to a whopping three entries.
And then they announced the winner.
And it wasn’t me.
But a few weeks later I got an email saying the winner never claimed it so I won.
They shipped me this pretty little clutch from Anne B.
{click the name to visit her shop. but only if you like cute bags.}
So thanks Harley & Jane!
You made this girl pretty happy.
And Anne B. – I’ve got my eye on those leather tassel key chains.

I shall try the lottery.

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