this weekend.

Ohhh this weekend.
This weekend was a LAZY one. 
St. George’s donuts & Hebrews coffee with my love.
Catching up with the newly married Mrs. Potter.
Spending time with Baby E and watching her grow more and more!
Mall time with J – narrowing down the groomsmen’s attire.
How many shades of khaki are there?
Where are the dang off white shirts?
Can we pleeeeeassee get a cookie?
But it’s all good.
Lots of wedding paper goods ordered.
The invitations are done.
And I’m in love.
Funny times with Em.
Church with J.
And this beautiful song.
Talks with Allie.
Braum’s with Em.
Bowling with Farren’s family and friends.
And now…
catching up on homework for the week.
It’s an exciting life ya’ll.
This week is the last week before spring break.
And it’s going to be a challenging one.
Let’s get down to business.
To defeat…the Huns.


3 thoughts on “this weekend.

  1. hahaha Mulan reference. I love it.

    You seem like one of those people who can eat as many donuts and cookies as you want and stay perfectly skinny. Jealous? Me? Not at all.


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