one hundred and fifteen | how many overdue tasks?

I love organization.
But cannot get used to using this dang magical checklist.
I prefer to make these random lists in the middle of class.

This week I checked these things off the list:
Alright. I feel like I should preface this by saying,  I really like shoes. I do. But my eyes could not take staring at shoes anymore. Then finally, finding the holy grail. Only to find out it doesn’t come in my size. Blerg. And panic – because the dress needs to be altered during spring break. But! I did find some really cute ones from Ruche. Which is quickly becoming my favorite store.
I’m excited for this one! Our wedding is pretty casual. Not like jeans and a t-shirt casual, just not suit and tie.  So we settled on a dark khaki, off white button ups, and leather suspenders. Oh, and a nice lookin tie for J. 
Ok. Technically we’ve had our amazing photographer booked since June. It was one of the first things we did because we felt like capturing the day was extremely important. Probably number one on the priorities list. Everyone that’s had wedding experience says, “The day goes by so fast!” so we wanted to make sure it was captured, and captured well. I first saw her work on Facebook from a wedding she shot and I instantly fell in love. It’s true what they say – when you know, you know. I also got the chance to see her in action at my sweet friend, Kelsey’s wedding in January.  We’re so excited for this husband and wife team to be a part of our day.
But. We had a rough time finding a videographer. It goes along with “capturing” the day but it is incredibly expensive for a little film. Also, we kinda like the artsier ones so a video camera set up at the back of the church wasn’t gonna cut it. Thankfully, Josh has a friend from CBC that is incredibly talented and has the equipment. And she’s just fun. I don’t know her super well – but I know she’ll do a great job. 
There are still a million things on the checklist {see first picture} but it’s coming together.
I’ve noticed that the more time I spend with J, the more I want to wedding plan. 
Coincidence? 😉

4 thoughts on “one hundred and fifteen | how many overdue tasks?

  1. The photographer was the first thing we did as well! I totally agree, it's the most important thing. What is the point of doing all the rest of it if you don't capture it?

    If you ever get stressed, take a bath. That was my escape while wedding planning haha.


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