so…you wanna go to bass pro?

{That man holding that fish would laugh at that man holdin his sissy coffee.
At least..I like to think so.}

If you are ever in Springfield, Missouri.
Someone will take you to the famous Bass Pro Shop.
It’s their duty.
Don’t fight it.
As much as you dislike cammo clothing –
Everyone has to at least once.

This morning started out like a typical Sunday.
I woke up late.
Got ready in a hurry so the JoMo wouldn’t have to wait on me.
{It happens every week – I’m sorry love.}
Long story short, we didn’t end up at church this morning.
Josh, his friend Jeff, and I ended up the famous Bass Pro.
Jeff had never been.
It was our duty.
On the plus side – we got fudge.
Fudge always makes Bass Pro worth it.

After wandering through the ginormous store.
J and I headed to our favorite Mexican restaurant in Springfield – El Maguay.
Super tasty and super easy on the wallet.

Next on the day’s itinerary was grocery shopping.
But not for me!
Josh’s school is on spring break this week but since he is starting his new job, he isn’t able to go home.
But selfishly…YAY…because that means more time with him.
So he loaded up on some food that he could make in his dorm.
Lots of reading and pop-tarts for that boy.

We worked on some wedding budget details at my casa.
But that’s boring…

We did one of my favorite activities –
Barnes and Nobleing.
This includes driving to the B&N, picking out your favorite books, criticizing a few, pointing out which Settlers of Catan games you don’t have yet {if your name is Josh Morris}, picking the least walked through aisle {in Springfield, that’s the “travel guide” section}, and reading your books while sharing your favorite parts with a cute boy.

It’s the best.

my day is ending while watching the Oscars and doing some homework.
And enjoying some chocolate covered strawberries.
I love sweets.
But thanks to this lady I am going to start weeding them out.

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3 thoughts on “so…you wanna go to bass pro?

  1. Girl you can take some mad pictures! Love them (especially those strawberries…mmmmm mmm)! And Springfield?! Hey you aren't too far away from me 🙂

    How is the wedding planning going?!


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