one hundred and nineteen | our first marriage conference.

{It was real early this morning.
Thank the good Lord for those delicious and grease dripping hash-browns!}
Several weeks ago J and I found out that Mark Driscoll’s Real Marriage tour was coming to Springfield.
  We planned on buying tickets, then forgot about buying tickets.
We {translated..I} love procrastination.
Then Friday morning came and we both decided that we really wanted to go.
It was an opportunity to see a pastor whose teaching we enjoy and would probably never get the chance to see again and I had really benefited from listening to his sermon series “Real Marriage” last year.
So Friday evening we headed out to James River, gawked at all of their cool things {they have some really cool things}, and found our seats.
We’re new to this whole “conference” bit.
And we’re not even married yet.
So I felt a little out of place at first.
But it was SO good.
His three points –
confession + forgiveness + reconcilliation
servant lovers

I wish I could spout on and on about the details of each one – but I’m not sure anyone would make it through the novel.  But if you are looking for a good marriage or dating resource – I highly recommend this series.
The teaching was honest, Biblical, practical, and with a good dose of humor {as it always is with Mark Driscoll}.  
I loved getting to know how real and fun marriage can be.
And laughing with that boy.
And realizing {once again} that he truly is my beloved and best friend.

3 thoughts on “one hundred and nineteen | our first marriage conference.

  1. So so sweet. Glad you guys got to go and be a part of that learning experience! You two are going to straight up ROCK your marriage 🙂 its so important to have your hubby as also your best friend. So happy for you!


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