what does a teacher wear anyways?

This picture is almost completely unrelated but yesterday I finally cleaned this mansion of a room. Which means I also found where all my socks have been hiding – under the bed. Sneaky socks.

Or as I’d like to call it…the hardest profession to dress for.
The past few semesters I’ve gotten by with legging type black stretchy pants and nice jeans. They’ve all been in a toddler classroom and a really casual preschool  I was up to {and sometimes even under} par on the dress code thing.

But the time has come.

I had to invest in some professional yet non-stuffy {I hate stuffy. Hate. Hate. Hate.} clothes.
I refuse to wear a turtleneck, blazer, and ankle-length skirt.
Plus, you want to be able to move around easily and without even the slightest possibility of revealing what shouldn’t be revealed. And you should also be ok with getting glue and glitter and marker stripes on whatever you buy. Because it will eventually happen. So those cute white pants? Don’t be ridiculous.

So thankfully, after a trip to Old Navy and New York and Co. I have my start to a semi-professional teachery wardrobe.

Including some real-life black slacks.
Creases and all.

And I will also be eating Ramen for the next year.
Because being a grown up is dang expensive.
Just kidding…I budgeted for that.
Because I’m a grown up.

And to celebrate becoming more like an adult…

Mom would be so proud.


One thought on “what does a teacher wear anyways?

  1. Those clothes look super classy! That really does seem kind of stressful – wear the wrong outfit and scar some poor kid for life?? I'm sure you'll do fine though haha good luck!


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