one hundred and thirty two.

Those days are disappearing rather quickly.
This weekend J and I drove to my hometown and celebrated my parent’s 25th wedding anniversary.
Just a relaxing time to get away from school life {except for a procrastination style late-night paper}, spend quality time with the Weeks and Vaughts and just thank God for the blessing of my mom and dad.  
More on those lovebirds later this week. 🙂
I think I dislike driving on my own so much because of how much I love driving with that boy.
A two hour drive with him seems like 20 minutes.
What? Eleven miles to Springfield? We just got in the car!
We also  had our first “Josh AND Rachel” decision to make and this car ride was just the right time to hash it all out.
Pro|Con list and all.
At the end of the day I learned this:
wherever that kid is, I want to be right there.
Punching and pinching him for slug-bugs and pt cruisers.

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