one hundred and thirty-nine.

Oh my.
First of all, let me just say – 
We killed that registry business.
And he loved it.
Which made me love it.
Decision making is not something I’m good at.
And we made like 40,000 that day.
It’s getting so real!
We picked out the things we’ll use in our apartment.
The past few years I’ve been in the limbo-grown-up stage {hand-me-down pots and pans, plastic plates, dollar knives} and J has been living the CBC dorm life.
But now.
We’re going to use real-life, sharp knives, cutting boards, and plates.
Do they let children do that?
After four and a half hours at Target and Bed Bath & Beyond we hit up that Chick-Fil-A then headed to CBC for a dodge-ball tournament.
Dodge-ball – that is the funniest game to watch.
After the tournament we played a little basketball, then went to a friend’s house to watch Batman {don’t ask me which one…I have no clue} – which ended up on a two hour theological discussion.
I’m really loving this season of life.
{the jomo is in this picture…i’m pretty sure…i just can’t figure out where.}
Also…we finished our “wedding website”
It’s nothing fancy-shmancy.
But hey,
neither are we.

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