the "great" debate.

I try not to be so harsh on my little phone – but a nice, unblurry photograph would be nice once in a while?

The jomo and I hit up this sesh at Evangel University tonight.
The whole Calvinism-Arminianism thing just baffles me.
So much truth to both sides.
Yet both can’t be right.
I used to get really worried about figuring out if I was a “Cavlinist” or “Arminianist” but it’s not worth it.
It’s just not.
Yes, it is important to a degree.
But so often I see the two sides despising each other.
I’ve heard it said, “Major on the major, minor on the minor.”
And I love that.

So my only advice…
Seek truth from God’s Word.
Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal truth.
Gain wisdom from both sides of the story. Don’t be biased, baby-bird fed fools.
That’s what I’m working on right now anyways.

I am really disappointed we couldn’t stay for the entire lecture.
But our house had our community time at 8:30 and the speaker’s plane was delayed so the lecture started an hour later than scheduled. That left a good 30 minutes.

Plus, can I just add….community is rough guys. Any type – not just Biblical.
It’s sweet, and beautiful, and rewarding. But it ain’t easy.
That’s all.

Homework time!


One thought on “the "great" debate.

  1. i agree on educating ourselves fully especially on spiritual topics. i sometimes question some things and immediately go to google. uh big no no. i need to rely on God's word and let Him lead me. I do like good discussions and hearing both sides.


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