i’m really just procrastinating here.

It’s what I’m good at.

This weekend I was back in the lovely town of Sedalia for a doctor’s appointment.
Dinner date at El Tap with mi madre, visiting a new coffee shop {a rarity in Sedville}, and lots of quality time.
Just what I like.

Today K+L had a congregational meeting at church.
Churches still have those?
Good ones do.

Well, while they were speakin their peace I was in charge of making lunch.
Chicken pot pie.
PW style.
Want the recipe? Well here ya go:  Pioneer Woman Turkey (Chicken) Pot Pie.

This is one of my all time favorite foods.
ALL TIME people.
It’s creamy, chickeny, and will be a bajillion times better if you put in the extra effort to make the homemade crust. Don’t be chicken. Trust me here.

After we filled our bellies it was time for me to hit the road.
Back to reality.

I’ll be working on this book.
For school.
Not for fun.
But I’m sure it will be just great.
And something small children will never read.
But…sometimes ya just gotta dig for your own purpose in assignments.

p.s. Working out brings more of a jolt than coffee. Who knew? Me and my jello legs could run a marathon right now.

p.p.s No one ask me how day 2 of working out goes. Honestly, it probably won’t happen. But day 3…oh day 3. You’re mine.


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