great is thy faithfulness + an ode to babysitting as a twenty-year-old.

God’s faithfulness to provide never ceases to amaze me.
And bless you child if you make it through this novel.
I won’t be mad if ya don’t. It’s a doozy.

I think I mentioned here that I have been blessed with a wonderful summer/seasonal/whenever full time job back home. But while in school I choose not to have a job. Especially with the added time commitment of Lightbearers I want to give my all to both commitments –  education and the lb. While the numbers on my student loan summary might be a little lower if I were to have a job, I would be under more stress and I know my grades and investment with these girls would see the results of that. That’s just me.

At the beginning of every semester I get that knot in my stomach that says, “I don’t know how the ends are gonna come together this time Rach.” And I worry, and toil, and stress for a few days about maybe getting a job. Then I don’t. And I wait. And become content with not spending money on Panda Express every week. But every semester the Lord provides not only a little extra income (to avoid eating Ramen) but it is always an experience that is better than I could have imagined (or actually applied for).

My first year it was babysitting for the sweetest couple while they had a night class together. I would hang out with their eight-year-old boy, toss the football around, jump on the trampoline, or play board games. I learned a lot from their parenting and just all around kindness. The next semester I picked him up from school every Monday and brought him to where his mom worked. It was always so much fun to get to have the, “How was your day? What did you learn?” conversation. They were more than generous and I am so thankful for the opportunity to just see just a small part of their lives. I also watched a group of kids at a local church with two friends. Every Sunday we’d drive out, spend two crazy hours with some crazy kids, and then drive back exhausted. But it was great to talk with the parents who so appreciated someone watching their children for a while so they could study the Bible and just rest.

This year I’ve had many similar experiences. There was of course baby s. last semester – every Wednesday an adventure spent with that cutie. And then there’s baby e with the most contagious smile and sweetest parents. I have watched her a couple times and last week I even spent some quality time with her and three two-year-olds. Parenting will hopefully come late for J and I because I had a blast running around with them but was worn out by the end of the night.

Then one day I got a text message from one of my roommate’s cousin. She said that someone from her church would be calling me with a babysitting opportunity for a small group’s Bible study. Lord, how you work is so amazing! One. The lady that called me is the sweetest lady. Just from hearing her voice I knew that I would like her. Two. The Bible study is led by that lady and her husband. Three. It’s for Chinese exchange students at Missouri State and they are so much fun! I have spent a little bit of time with international students but actually sitting down and talking with them over dinner was so great. They loved the word “lasagna” and were curious to hear about how people eat alligator. In the south I guess it’s a thing? But FOUR. Sitting around the room listening to Chinese students read God’s Word was unbelievable. Just hearing them work diligently to pronounce the words and then to understand what it said was encouraging to me. And the questions! They had the best questions. So simple, yet so crucial to what Christians believe. At the end of the night the sweet lady still insisted on paying me even though the little boy and his family didn’t show up. I tried. I really did. Bottom line – I am excited for next week even though it might only mean having dinner and then playing Legos. I am more than okay with that. At least I’ll get to see those sweet faces again and hear about their adventures in driving in the U.S. 😉

This may sound cheesy – but God really is so good!
He answers prayers and provides needs.
And I am thankful to him for that.


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