one hundred and fifty five.

It’s sad {and scary…} to me how often I take the actions of others, especially Josh, for granted. 
I’m a fan of the “little things”.
Opening doors, arm around the shoulder, surprise coffee, yada-yada-yada.
And Josh is so good at the little things.
Seriously. Things I don’t even think of he gets.
The boy just knows what I need.
But he’s not perfect.
And these “little things” should in no way be expectations I hold for him to live up to.
He’s a human and ya know what – sometimes humans forget.
I’m fully capable to open my own door sometimes. 
And then sometimes other selfish humans, like myself, don’t even notice all the little things.
On Wednesday I had sent a text message to J asking if he’d bring my gloves that I had left in his backpack.
By the time we met up that evening I had completely forgotten about the little pair of gloves.
But he hadn’t.
And I’m pretty sure I didn’t even say thank you.
I’m pretty sure I didn’t even give a thought about his actions until this morning.
I was reading and sipping my coffee when all of a sudden the gloves popped into my mind.
And with that, a slew of questions and conviction.
How often do I sinfully neglect to be appreciative of his actions.
And what if it’s not just his?
How many other selfless actions of others am I ignoring?
And the one that’s really getting to me…
How often do I dwell on all the mistakes Josh makes instead of forgiving and thanking him for the tremendous good that he’s done?
I know the answer to that one.
It’s a lot.
And that needs to change.

One thought on “one hundred and fifty five.

  1. It definitely is a scary thing! To take someone that means so much to you for granted. It's kind of inevitable that it will happen here and there, especially once you get so used to each other. Relationships are living and breathing things, to me anyway. It's a daily challenge, to be the wife/finance/whatever he deserves. I'm sure you do a great job though 🙂 the fact that you even think about it is great.


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