THEE very last year.

This is my beautiful morning commute. I know, I know, it’s weaving through cars in a parking lot – not very picturesque. But I love it. It’s the perfect brisk walk to the warm Red Line bus stop.

At 12:30 a.m.tonight it hit me.

This is the very last semester of classes that I will spend at Missouri State.
The last year to print out the syllabus, organize my binder, fill in due dates in my planner {which is personally my favorite thing about the beginning of a semester}, and have a moment of panic that I’ve signed up for the wrong classes {it happens EVERY semester and I’ve never been wrong}.
Don’t get me wrong – I am excited to love on my own classroom of kiddos {if that’s what the Lord even has planned for me…} but I can’t help but think…how does two years go by so quickly? Why the heck didn’t I pay more attention in my first year classes? I am understanding why people going back to school in their 30’s and up love it so much. I’m just starting to really love school and it’s going away. Just like that.
So this semester. These sixteen little weeks I have left on this campus. I’m going to soak it all up. Sit under more trees, have more lunches with classmates, visit with professors, and turn in work early. 
Because, honestly, I love school. I love this school.
In other non-sentimental news…
I finally took my mother’s advice saw a doctor at the MSU clinic for this pesky cough {in and out in 30 minutes – one more reason I love this school…} and they said it was bronchitis. I almost told her, “Ain’t nobody got time for that!” har har. 
Had coffee with JoMo at the Hub and we chatted with one of his classmates for over an hour. Good conversation always seems to be found in that little coffee shop.
Spent two whole hours with five sweet roommates and it filled my heart to the brim.  Praying that the Lord draws us even closer this semester. 
It is so good to be back.
Now sheesh.  Go to bed already!

5 thoughts on “THEE very last year.

  1. I know how you feel, I'm trying to be more thankful for the opportunity I have to even be in school. It is so hard sometimes, especially when you are stuck in a 3 hour night class! but I realize it will go away all too soon, so I'm going to try my very hardest to enjoy it while I can 🙂


  2. Are you student teaching this semester? (:

    School does fly by so fast. This is my last semester, too. And even though I'm looking forward to my own class of kiddos, it's SO sad to know the whole college thing is almost over as quickly as it started!!


  3. you're studying education? my husband and i are doing teach for america, so we have been teaching! it's crazy but we love it. adore your darling blog, now following! how we both have grey stripes on our pages, haa meant to be friends!


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