wednesday on the homestead – week two.

Just another average day.
Lazin’ around, reading, napping, and late lunching.
Just the way winter breaks should be.

Makin sure the ol’ pops doesn’t fall off the roof while sweeping the chimney.
chim chimney, chim chimney, chim chim cher-ee. 

My sister and her husband made it home yesterday!
But they head off to St. Louis to apartment shop in the morning. She has become quite the uke player over break. I am impressed. 🙂

And this is my ambitious attempt to create a Pioneer Woman recipe. I got the real life cookbook for Christmas from J’s mom & dad. The process began at 6:30 and was on the table by 8:00.  Whew. I think I make things a million times more difficult than they should be when I’m in the kitchen. It was yummy though and I am excited to cook more of her delicious recipes.  Seriously, everything in this book looks so dang good.
Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a date with these two.
Cough, cough…


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