a short and sweet stop in springfield.

I can’t help reading that as, “A thort and thweet thtop in thpwingfield.”

After a restless night of little hacks and a tickly throat {stay away sickness!}  I woke up, had some green tea, showered, and packed up my belongings for the wedding weekend. Eeeee! Getting so close! Dad provided the sweet road tunes – Ingrid.

The snow covered country fields made for beautiful scenery and before I knew it I was “parallel” parking next to my second home. I lugged my belongings out of the car {only to replace them again tomorrow morning…}, visited with two of my roommates, and then Becca and I had a lunch date at McCallister’s {mmmm…chicken tortilla soup!} I love our dates – there’s usually a lot to catch up on but she is so good about hitting it all. I love her questions. After we returned I had a couple errands to run then made sure everything was in place for the following days.

This evening I had another date {two dates, one day? lucky rach.}.  This time with Emily and her sis. It was just as delightful! We saw “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” at the cheap-o movie theater. Honestly, to me, there is no other movie theater than the cheap-o movie theater.  

And in case you like to be grossed out…

I guess I miscalculated the amount of preservatives in my whole-wheat-white bread.

Off to Btown tomorrow!


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