wednesday on the homestead.

This fall ole mom & dad purchased four laying hens.
Some purchase fancy cars as a mid-life crisis – Kenny & Lisa buy chickens.  Colette, Mertle, Opal, and oh, what’s that last one’s name again? Ethel. Poor Ethel.

I hadn’t been out to see them in a while – actually I hadn’t been outdoors {besides a trip to Walmart} in a while so I decided to bundle up and pay the ladies that provided my breakfast a visit.

I enjoyed the {short} visit.
They hated it.

I mean they really did not like me.
If I was outside, they went in.
If I was inside, they went out. Glaring at me the whole way.
I wasn’t even being obnoxious. I was very quiet. Cross my heart.
So…I’m sorry if we’re short a few eggs tomorrow Dad. I blame Ethel.

This morning I made an egg, bacon, and cheese biscuit with some of their eggs. It was difficult. They are not like “normal” eggs {ask Kenny Vaught or Joel Salatin for more info…all I know is they’re fed the good stuff}. After brushing off a feather from the brown egg, a forever-long amount of time to cook a biscuit, and brewing some Yuban, it was breakfast time.  At 11:00. Just the way winter break should be.

And this is where good books are read.
And will be used even more next week.


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