toodles twenty-twelve.

Oh wow.

It is hard to even think of all the crazy wonderful things that have been held within this year.  This one sweet, life changing year.
{I hope you all like pictures…}
Moving out of the charming Roanoke house. But keeping the sweet memories created in {and out} of those walls.
{sayanara poopy basement}
Traveling to South Asia with some pretty amazing people and meeting some new ones as well. 
And the many lessons that came with that trip – learning about true sacrifice and God’s provision, and seeing first-hand the boldness of Christians in a foreign land.

{Narrowing down the stream of pictures was not an easy task.  There are quite a few. I settled on ones that best serve as “monuments” for me.}

{these girls.  these sweet girls. just look at those smiles. i love ’em}

And of course coming back to this surprise was pretty life-changing.

{ah!  that face!}

The summer of  ’12 was one of online quizzes and working.

{Exciting…I know.}

Then my only sister became a Weeks!

I moved in with these crazies.

And of course…

MASTERED the no-bake.

{hey. it was important.}

On to twenty-thirteen!
{and to bed!}

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