moving out.

Today I moved out. 
And I realized just how many snacks I had been keeping in my work bag…  I was on a steady diet of Milk Duds for a week straight.
For six years I have worked at Bodyworks Day Spa. My high school job, full time summer job, and seasonal help out job these past three years of college.
I started when I was 15 – folding towels and cleaning tubs.  Brace faced and crunchy hair I was scared to death to answer the phone or even talk to people. After getting over my fear of people {it took a while…}, I  moved to the front desk – selling bareMinerals makeup, other retail products, and answering the dreaded phone. Forcing me to come out of my shell a little. Going to work wasn’t always the highlight of my day.  There was a point when I was so burnt out and frustrated with co-workers that I dreaded going to work.  But after some growing up on my part and a change in staff atmosphere – I’ve grown to love that little place.  I know the routine and I love the people that work there.  They are the ones that making working a joy.  One {of probably several} life lesson I’ve learned from my six years there is that your co-workers make all the difference –  so be a worker that others want to be around.
I am never really sure if I’ll every be officially “done” working there – when I’ve hung up the sparkly shirt for good.  Which is fine by me. Yes, there are typical, workplace, irritating days. But it’s usually worth it when you get to laugh about it with your co-workers. I am unbelievably grateful that I can come back and work on breaks and on days like today the boss lady takes me out to Applebee’s for our traditional appetizer feast. I understand – I am completely spoiled by this job and the “real world” will not be like this. But I sure am thankful for these past six years and am always excited to visit when stocking up on skincare ;).
And now…the work-free winter break begins!
With lots of traveling coming up… 🙂


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