christmas is easter.

This morning was a change of pace. Not the dimmed lights and rows of folding chairs at Second. Although I love this church for many reasons, it was nice to be back at small town Maplewood. During Bible Fellowship {the appropriate term for “Sunday School” these days…} this morning we spent our time in the first chapter of Matthew – the birth of Jesus. Except for this talk {thanks to Mark and Lee} had a special emphasis on Joseph.  I guess I had never taken the time to look at Joseph in all of this Christmas storyness.  Mary, yes, the virgin mother. Jesus – should be the main character here.  But Joseph?  This guy I knew almost nothing about.  Carpenter, earthly father of Jesus, and….that’s pretty much where it ends.  But Joseph.  He had no idea how his betrothed had conceived a child. He just knew it wasn’t him.  But Joseph.  He was a “just man and unwilling to put her to shame” – even though he had every right to.  In that time she should have suffered severe consequences – an unmarried woman carrying a child.  But he planned to divorce her quietly.  In all of this he wasn’t thinking about himself. He was thinking of her and how he could make this whole ordeal easier for her. All of this before an angel of the Lord came to him and explained who this child was that Mary was carrying.  And he did as the angel said.  As soon as he woke.  Wow – Joesph.  This man showed so much grace, selflessness, and was incredibly obedient.  Tucked inside this important lesson is an even greater one – the whole purpose of this child’s birth. A Savior’s birth.  Thee Savior’s birth. As the angel told Joseph…        

{thanks google draw.}

He will save his people from their sins.
And in that I will rejoice.


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