the girl with the polka dot pants.

babes are real tough to capture.
Lately Monday mornings have been spent with baby s.  And what a blessing it has been.  She’s the cutest little thing and already has quite the personality.  Isn’t it funny how we can have personalities before we’re two? I guess if I was a mom I’d know that.  They’d say, “Oh little Johnny was quirky before he was two months old.” But it blows my mind that she has this certain smile that says, “Oh, you think I like pears like I did last Monday? HA.  Wrong.” Followed by the typical two year old tight lipped mouth and rapid head shaking.  Que applesauce.
She also has a deep love for the little einsteins.  She plops her little diaper bum on my lap and pats her lap {as I tried to capture} like they do on the show.  She’s a fast patter I tell ya.  
This morning she was a talker.  Repeating almost everything I said and even a cute little, “Sure.” with my questions.  When she gets that talking thing down – I can’t wait to hear what she has to say.  Even though it’ll probably be, “I know where you hid the good snacks.”  
In all fairness I’d probably say the same thing. 

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