home again, home again.

Today was the last day of Preschool practicum in Nixa.  In all the labs and practicums I have been in I have never been more sad to leave those 11 kids and Mrs. N.  I have learned so much from them and will definitely be going back to visit.  My favorite quote of the day…One boy said to the another, “You’re a girl.”  A phrase one Josh Morris also uses and made me turn my head and laugh before reminding them to wash their hands.  Oh, I love Preschool.

After practicum I packed up my bags {er…laundry basket?} and headed home!  Well…the eye doctor then home.

I used to love going to the eye doctor.  But recently I’ve realized…this equipment is scary.  And they shine lights in your eyes and make you read things that are really hard to read.  But…gotta keep those peepers healthy.

See? Just what are all those knobs for?

I also spotted this in the fridge which means fried pickles are most definitely on the horizon.
And those are two random pictures from my day.
It’s good to be home again. 


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