sunday nights + lonliness.

In case you were wondering what a meal looks like two days before going home for Thanksgiving break.
Here it is. 
Rice Krispies & raisins.
Well.  In all honesty it has been a lonely weekend around this house.  Yesterday I spent time with Josh in the afternoon.  That sweet kid washed and vacuumed my car.  He let me do the foam brush though.  We played a round of disk golf {plus 4…woop!} and grabbed some dinner then he headed back to CBC and I headed over to Becca’s with Em because this house was empty.  Today everyone has just been gone – working or out of town.  So my day was filled with naps and reading.  And maybe ice cream…  But as it gets later I’ve realized something.  I need people.  I always thought that I would be completely happy to spend days alone in my room.  Not true.  Not true at all.  I was made to be around other people even if they’re in the next room or sitting beside me – I enjoy the presence of others.  And this is why I am thankful I have five roommates.

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