road trip.

the future mrs. potter.
{p.s. is it acceptable to steal other peoples’ facebook pictures for your own use – or do people think that’s weird? either way – i should probably start taking my own pictures…}

 Springfield to Bentonville.  
Bentonville to Batesville.  
Batesville to Springfield.
 517 miles.
Such a busy weekend!  Saturday morning Josh and I drove down to Bentonville for Kelsey and Daniel’s wedding shower. Then we grabbed some Chic-Fil-A — which in case you were wondering is not so great road trip food.  Juggling fries and Polynesian sauce you’re just bound to end up with it on your fingers and of course there are no napkins so you just tough out sticky sauce fingers for the next couple of hours.  Some chewy sprees, butterfingers, an energy drink, countless songs, lots of bad singing, and four and half hours later we made it to Batesville, Arkansas.  I hadn’t heard of it either…no worries.  Josh’s dad accepted a position as lead pastor in Batesville and this Sunday the church was welcoming him. Almost the whole family was there – Josh’s brother, sister-in-law, nephew, sister, and grandparents.  It was so wonderful to not only be with them but also hear Josh’s dad preach.  He is a gifted man.  After a potluck lunch {I love it when churches still have those – mmm hello dessert table.} and meeting some of the people in the church Josh and I loaded up his truck and headed back to Springfield in the rain.  I like driving with that kid.
Ready for one more week of craziness.
Actually all I really want to do is sleep for a week…

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