this week.

Wedding crafting for my good friend’s wedding in January.

Discipline without Stress, Punishments, or Rewards” and “The Educational Uses of Pinerest” at Nixa’s professional development day.

Relaxing game of disk golf with Josh Morris.  He’s super good people.

Institute on Jeremiah and Lamentations.  So good.

Election results watching.

Second Baptist Pre-K where I got to learn about this place.

Becca time.

Did my first center activity in Preschool this morning with my instructor watching.  It wasn’t very good.  At all.  But I learned a lot for next time.

Three hour nap to kick off the weekend.  These types of things excite you at week 12 of the semester.

Alisa’s teaching me to play this little guy.
Such a patient teacher.
I’d tell you what song we’ve been working on but that would just be embarrassing…

Two whole meals this week.  Two.
Settin the bar high.

 {french dip crescents}
{recipe from here}

This was the easiest thing to make.
Minus pizza rolls.
And they were so good.

The second one was this Italian Pasta.
It wasn’t as tasty but still pretty good.

One thing I’ve learned through this – making “real” food and being busy with school is hard.  Not impossible, but certainly challenging.  You have to plan what nights you’ll even be home, figure out what you need, make time to actually go to a grocery store, figure out how much time it will take you to prepare and cook, AND remember if anything needs to be thawed.  Yep.  A lot of thought goes into making just one meal.  And I’m just making the simple ones.  Baby steps.  Growing up my mom made a homemade, healthy meal every night.  And looking back I am very thankful for that.

I’m hoping to make {at least} one “real” meal each week. 
The rest of the time I’ll be eating wheat thins and cheese wedges.
And mini snickers bars.


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