Lately on Fridays I have been traveling across town to CBC for chapel, lunch {hey, I’ll take a grilled chicken on fake wheat bun if I can have a swiss cake roll and soda too}, and a systematic theology class with Josh.

I love being on the “inside” of a small school.  Everyone knows everyone.  That’s supposed to be bad right?  Before coming to a “big” university I thought that this was an awful thing.  I came from a small, private grade/high school and wanted nothing to do with that anymore – so I went to MSU.  But really…small schools are great.  There are still “cliques” or niches {like any school, big or small} but I had forgotten how comforting it is to walk a hallway and actually know everyone’s name and for them to know yours.  That’s the cliche they always give you for small schools.  Well folks…it is so true.

Besides getting to soak up the unique community there – I get to sit in on a real life Bible class!  Josh really admires the professor and couldn’t wait for me to hear him speak.  Their current topic is Calvinism/Arminianism {something I thought I knew quite a bit on…}.

Guys, they get to worship with their classmates every day.  And sit in this classroom asking hard questions like, “Was Judas ‘doomed for destruction’?  Did he have any choice whether he was going to betray Jesus or not?  Did Judas have to betray Jesus for Scripture to be ‘fulfilled’?” And so many more.  I need to start bringing a notebook so I’ll remember!

I don’t doubt that going to chapel every day and talking about theology wears you out – but it is incredible to be around these future church leaders and missionaries.  They are going to do great things.  And that Josh Morris – man is he going to do great things.  I can remember a freshman Josh Morris that wasn’t a huge fan – the rules were dumb, and the professors didn’t know anything.  But to see a man today {and the past year really} that walks around campus saying hi to people that maybe aren’t in his “niche”, respecting his professors even though they might not agree on everything, forming friendships with professors, and truly loving school.  A humble, wise, student.  I love sitting in class with him, watching his mind turn and then watching his hand go up to say something.

All that to say…I like Fridays.  I like CBC.


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