mid semester craziness & a few photos of engagement

Life has been crazy at the lighthouse!

Where has this semester gone?  There’s only 5 weeks left!  CRAZY.

Here’s what this last week looked like…
I know this is unimportant and most likely uninteresting to some but in 5 years I will want to see what I was doing the last week of October 2012.  And mom always likes to know too.

Monday – A morning spent watching the sweetest and funniest almost two year old.  It’s so neat to watch her figure out little things like a doorknob or jacket zipper.  She’s discovering the world!  We like to run, dance, and laugh.  Then it’s time to head across town for class.  And then studying with Josh and CBC friends at the hub – a bike/coffee shop.

Tuesday – Nixa Preschool until 12 then a little catch up homework then administration class.  Parks and Rec watching with Em, grocery shopping, then dinner with a family from our church.  Side note – this semester I have been meeting some “older” people {basically non college students} from Second Baptist.  It is wonderful to see different parts of the church body and gain wisdom from their experiences.  Plus, they sweetly invite you to their homes where there are plates that match, ice, and delicious homemade food!  I love their family.  After dinner and birthday cake (it was one of their sweet daughter’s birthday!) we headed back for Institute.  After a little (er 2 and a half hours) talk about “mini” prophets in the Old Testament – it was bed time!

Wednesday –  Job shadowing the administrator at the Second Baptist Preschool.  There wasn’t a lot of administration to do so we got to talk about wedding planning – both of her daughters are getting married soon so she is very excited. After class Becca came over for discipleship.  We talked a little about the book of Isaiah but didn’t have a lot of time because Josh came over for some engagement pictures.  Woop!  It was so much fun. I was really stressed about planning what to wear, what day we could do it, and where to take them.  But it was so relaxed and natural. 

She took like a million pictures.  Here’s four. 🙂

Becca is incredibly gifted with a raw talent for photography.  She is so full of creativity and excitement!  I just love her lots.  And that kid in the grey there too.  He’s cute. And oh my word this man knows how to pose.

After picture taking we met up for sushi with some good friends that Josh went to high school with and I met my freshman year because Kelsey and I were roomates :).  They are the ones that invited Josh to come play raquetball at MSU one night with us.  Way back in 2010.  That will be a fun story for a different day.  They are getting married in January!  I love walking through this season of life together and am so thankful for their friendship.

Thursday – Nixa Preschool then NOTHING!  Ok so not really but there was no rushing to get to the next place.  Just a few school emails to send and organizing assignments.  Now Alisa and I are just sitting around our cute little table.  She’s working on nursing school things and I’m just hoping the roommates and neighbors come so we can play these games tonight.

Happy weekend friends and family!
{cause let’s be honest they’re the ones that’ll make it this far…}


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