fall break twenty-twelve.


where walgreen’s runs at 9 p.m. with mom & dad are still exhilarating and the perfect excuse for chewy sprees

where haircuts are free {but only if you happen to know that your particular stylist really enjoys a caramel machiatto with one pump mocha}

the parents let you ruin their friday afternoon dates

coffee and dad’s favorite podcasts in a comfy chair are a morning staple

keeping panera open late to talk about wedding plans with mom and her sister is more than ok

where reading these is much more of a priority than reading this

family reunions include homemade everything and even a little kickball playing

walks and talks with dad at the park are something you wish you could do every saturday morning

snuggling with mom while watching tv is a must on chilly weeknights

and this little one {though sometimes quite annoying} is always there to greet you.

college is such a funny time in life.
two homes and you’re always torn to leave each one.
i suppose that’s what they’d call “bittersweet”.


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