it’s here.

oh hi fall 🙂

Time to take deep breaths to soak up that clean, crisp, autumn air.
And of course – savor all the pumpkiness your heart can take.
This year, for me – it’s homemade pumpkin scented play-dough.  Who knew right?  Not only does it smell great while you’re playing with it…but it leaves your hands smelling pumpkiny all day.  Thanks to a classmate who brought some for our whole methods class today…I have some to play with {more like sniff} at home.  Each time I go to that class I cannot get over how wonderful this next generation of teachers is going to be.  All so unique but amazing all the same.  For the next five weeks we won’t be going to class but will instead be going to separate practicum placements.  I will definitely miss being in this class twice a week but am very excited to be in a Preschool classroom.  Very excited.
But for now… a blanket and hot chocolate sound quite nice. 🙂

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