the first.


So this is is no way the greatest teaching project/activity in the world.
But I love it – because it’s the first one I’ve made that I might actually use in a classroom one day.  We’ll see…

Our assignment was to create a math “game” or center activity for our selected grade level for an entire unit plan we are each making.  My grade level is Kindergarten and the theme is apples. 🙂
I’ve seen this activity on tons of teaching blogs so I’m not even sure what I’m supposed to cite here…maybe it’s like hymns and things that you don’t have to cite because everyone just knows.  Yea..that’s it.

Anyways, it was so much fun to make!  Ok, I realize it’s just clip art, a simple text box, cutting, and gluing…but it was still fun!  The little ones just place the correct number of “apples” on the tree. If I would have thought ahead more I could have used those cute little red pom-pom thingys…noted for future use!  Then in class today everyone brought their math game and we all just went around playing and critiquing.  Great fun in 300s today. 

What I learned…

  1. color printing is ridiculously e x p e n s i v e
  2. being creative and crafty is time consuming
  3. making something you worked hard on and put effort into is truly rewarding.  {A lesson I continually forget and learn}

side note!  Ieesha is alive and well!  Picked her up from the shop yesterday and she is better than ever.  Thank the Lord! We even went on a little date this afternoon to Dillon’s for a few groceries.  It had been awhile. 🙂


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