alive and well.

Thoughts on automobiles – aka why you should never take them for granted.

Preface — I love my little car {sometimes we call her Ieesha.  It’s totally normal to name your cars around here…}.

It’s so easy for me to wish away my days – dreaming of cars that I want to own one day.  One time Josh and I did that – just sat on a park bench watching cars pass, pointing out which ones we could see ourselves having one day {p.s. one of my favorite dates by the way – it’s a great way to get to know each other!}.  I, of course, chose practical ones – four doors, probably suv-ish, non-flashy vehicles while he pointed out several Cadillacs and just super nice, still practical cars that I would be terrified of driving no matter how cool it is.  Dreams – I love that about him.

I have been incredibly blessed with my little black car.  She runs great and has never had any major problems.  Which is great because I am in no way a car person.  I know the basics – check the oil, fill with gas, clean the windshield, check the coolant, what the gauges kinda mean, etc.  That’s it.

So when my car started having problems these last couple months I was {am} terrified.  Not only do I know nothing about head-gaskets or leaking ones or exhaust in antifreeze – but I am over a hundred miles from home, from dad {who knows pretty much everything about cars} and from mechanics we know and trust.  So when little Ieesha won’t start some mornings without a little gas pedal prodding or she makes funny sounds when I’m driving – it’s scary.  And even scarier for a twenty-year-old little girl to walk into a repair shop trying to explain all the random things that she’s been doing —

 “Ok so it starts sometimes but other times it just turns and turns and turns then kicks off and then sometimes it revs a lot when it does start but then goes back down.  Oh and sometimes it starts completely normal.  Then I’ve also noticed that when I drive it changes gears really hard like I can really hear it and then when I hit the brake to stop the engine revs a little then goes down, then revs a little then goes down.  Is this making any sense?” 

They’re thinking – “Women and cars.  Sheesh.”

Thankfully, I have a pretty great set of parents.  Ok – they’re way more than great.  They are exceptional.  I know that it’s just as frustrating for them to not be able to help in every way they want to.  But they are some of the world’s best advice givers.  Every step of the way they’ve listened to my phone calls of, “I just don’t know what to do.” over and over again.  They are calm, loving and level-headed.  And best of all – they’re letting me figure it out on my own yet not completely abandoning me.

I know what needs to be done.
But let’s just throw on a little extra twist of I have an internship three days this week.  Across town.
Haven’t figured that one out quite yet – but it’ll get there.

One thing I’ve learned over and over again- the Lord provides.
And it’s not the end of the world.  Cars are faithful – you treat them well, they treat you well.  But they’re not perfect.  Things like this happen – it’s just inconvenient sometimes.  I’ve certainly learned through all of this how much I depend on my car and I’m learning to be ok with depending on others a little when I need help. Breaking down pride. 

It’ll all work out and this will be nothing but a small bump in the road in a few {or five} months.

{Side note – I was looking up the correct spelling for “Ieesha” (turns out there are several…who knew?!) and I found that it’s variant of the name Aisha which mean “alive and well” in Arabic.  Hmm.  It’s true – I am alive and well even without my transportation!}



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