top three.

1.  Disk golf and groceries with Josh.  Two days in a row and my disk-throwing arm is a little sore…yikes.  Weakling.

2.  One-hundred and twenty “Oreo Truffles” for Alisa’s {one of the five roommates!} friend’s wedding tomorrow.  In case you were wondering…that’s four packages of Oreos, four packs of cream-cheese and lots of dipping chocolate.  And yes – we did try a few.  Quality control is imperative.

3.  Time with the roommates.  The Lord has placed each one of us in this house and it’s incredible to see how I’ve already been so encouraged and challenged by them.  They are all so unique and it’s wonderful to spend this season of life with them.  Ok – I could write paragraphs about them so I’ll save it.  Another time!  I love this set-apart time each week to intentionally spend time with one another.  Thankful heart tonight.



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