joyful noise.

Wednesdays – the busiest day!

This morning I started an “internship” {it’s really more like job shadowing…} with the Preschool Director at Second Baptist.  It was so interesting and encouraging – the two hours flew by!

Right after that I had “School and Society” class.  We’re reading this book.  It’s uhh…interesting.  Yea.  That’s all I have on that right now… 

Then right when I got home from that I met with Becca.  {Another person I could talk all of the days about.}  Basically, we talked about life, Joshua, Judges, and Ruth for about two hours.  I love this part of my day and look forward to learning more from her and God’s Word during this time.  Discipleship…it’s a powerful thing!

But!  Another encouraging part of my day happened on the shuttle after my class.  I’m not sure why and it’s kind of strange when I think about it…but I love riding the shuttle!  Ha!  Not only does it save me like twenty minutes of hiking across parking lots and campus, but it’s always peaceful, the drivers are pretty much all retired men drinking their coffee with the radio tuned to classical music or NPR {which always reminds me of being home!}.  There’s only one woman driver – she’s youngish {compared to the retirees} and today she had the radio on a Christian station.  And she was singing:  

“Glory, glory! Hallelujah!  He reigns!” 
 My fleshly thoughts were quick to say, “What?  All these college kids probably think you are just ridiculous and are laughing at you in their heads.” But after processing it on the five minute ride I could only smile and think of this beautiful example of making a joyful noise.  An example of Psalm 95:1  “Oh come, let us sing to the Lord; let us make a joyful noise to the rock of our salvation!”   Did she know she was on a bus full of college kids?  Absolutely!  Did she suppress these fleshly thoughts and keep silent? Absolutely not!  It was truly encouraging but also very challenging.

It’s the little things really. 🙂  

The rest of the day was made up of disk golf playing, worship at the Vine, and apparently if you dressed up like a pirate today, Krispy Kreme gave you a free dozen of donuts. Who knew?!  Ha we didn’t dress up – but our crazy neighbors did.  We love them.  And hey – the KK gave us free donuts anyways even though we didn’t dress up.  Score!

College really is fun kids.

{Alright – long post I know…but it was such a busy day!}


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