Ok.  I love Tuesdays and Thursdays.

I have three “methods of teaching” classes in a row with the same teacher.  And she is amazing.  Amazing.
She oozes with passion for child based learning and has a unique way of stirring passion in this room full of twenty future teachers.

It’s completely different from any other college class that I’ve been in.  We do things that she’s actually implemented in the classroom and challenges us to think about how to create interactive lessons.  Our class is being knit together in such a wonderful way and I love getting to know my classmates and future colleagues. 

There’s a lot of work and it’s definitely going to be stretching and challenging – but so much fun!

Today we did “centers” {different stations for math, spelling, writing, etc.}.  Their theme was ancient Egypt {which by the way — she allowed the kids to choose what theme they wanted to learn about} and she did such a wonderful job incorporating important objectives with real experiences for the kids.  So good!   

archaeological dig

poetry with spelling words
spelling {she let them use hieroglyphics for their spelling words…how much fun would that be?!}

pyramid building with sugar cubes

I am so thankful for passionate teachers that have a desire to instruct future educators.  It’s going to be a great year!

Plus, Tuesday is Institute night at the Lighthouse.  Makes a good day even better!  More on that another day… 🙂


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