plane rides and a proposal.


This May I had the privilege of traveling to South Asia through a college ministry I’m a part of.  Our team of ten spent ten days in country helping a missionary family in whatever way we could.  It was an unexplainably incredible experience and completely life changing.  I learned so much about the character of God and seeing His work in the nations was truly amazing.  I will always remember the endless laughter caused by jet-lag, spending time with the missionary’s kids, and nights where the girls would sit around the dinner table listening to the mom’s wisdom on following Christ, being a mom, and being a wife. 

After ten days in a foreign country and forty-something hours of travel I was ready to be home.  We were flying in to the Northwest Arkansas airport and I had it all planned out.  I had been dating this super-awesome guy named Josh Morris for about a year and a half and he just happened to be from northwest Arkansas {some might say “woo-pig” right here…}.  I called him at the Dallas airport saying we might miss our flight because we had such a short connection.  I was determined to not miss that flight!  After our team ran through the Dallas airport we were finally on our last flight home.  When we touched down at the airport I called my mom and dad to let them know that I was back in the States.  From what it seemed like it was a typical Wednesday afternoon back in Sedalia.  After talking with them for a minute I called Josh to see if he was at the airport.  He was. 🙂

I was the last one to get off the tiny commuter plane and I remember small talking with someone from our team.  I rounded a corner, looked up, and saw this incredibly handsome man waiting for me.  Just like in the movies {ok, a little more clumsy and sweaty than that…} I ran up and hugged him for a long time…like a good 45 seconds or so.  I had missed him!  As we’re riding down the escalator he says, “I got you a small present – look you’re family’s here!” and points to the seating area where my mom, dad, and sister, plus his mom and dad are standing.   

I was completely overwhelmed and thinking, “Wow…they drove four hours just to see me when I got back?  Love them.”  Then after I hugged my family and answered questions about the flight, that handsome man took me by the hand, bent to one knee, told me I was his best friend, and asked if he could spend the rest of his life getting to know me — right there in the airport!

     I said yes.

Then I kissed that handsome man.
Awkwardly… on the forhead…it’s fine…
Also…two toned grey is in right?

I love that he asked for my parents to be there for this exciting and perfect day.
Plus, I found out later that this was their second trip to Bentonville in four days. 
Wow…I love them.   

I am so thankful that I get to spend the rest of my life serving this amazing man.
And I’m excited to become a Morris!

I was blessed to have lots of people taking pics of the exciting moment so if you’re just dying to see more… here ya go!

{side note — hopefully posts won’t be this long.  whew – I’m trying to decide if I’d read this much about someone…thanks for making it this far!}


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